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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 28, 2012 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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thanks to jake tapper and jimmy kimmel. he will be on up right after this show. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check in for "good morning america" tomorrow. we're always online at have a great weekend, everyone. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> the deadline to file your tax returns was last night. if you fort got, don't worry. the irs never checks. >> jennifer love hewitt. >> so -- >> seriously, that looks like a horror movie blown up. >> chef georgia pellegrini. >> kkk. kim kardashian kares. >> and jason mraz.
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about the nokia lumia 900, the super fast smart phone with the scratch resistant design and big screen that's visible even in bright sunlight. guillermo, you know what a flash mob is, right? >> a little bit. >> jimmy: a little bit. well, this is from times square. they had a flash mob doing a special light show set to an exclusive remix of the nicki minaj song "star ships." check this out. ♪ star ships were meant to fly ♪ hands up and touch the sky ♪ can't stop ♪ because we're so high ♪ let's do this one more time
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♪ star ships were meant to fly ♪ hands up and touch the sky >> jimmy: that's a flash mob. pretty cool, right gare -- where did guillermo go? guillermo? >> i love flash mob! i'm going to do one right now! woo hoo! flash mob on hollywood boulevard. come on, everybody! yeah! flash mob! >> announcer: the nokia lumia 900. visit to watch the amazing light show in its entirety. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with jennifer love hewitt. chef georgia pellegrini. and music from jason mraz. ver ue you were a beta tester. like her. hey guys. hi. hey. how's carl?
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[ crying ] when my test phone doesn't update me with my friend's latest status, i'm not just being thoughtless, i'm making smartphones better. [ parnell ] great job. we gave the beautifully different nokia lumia 900 with windows phone live tiles that give you personalized information at a glance. the smartphone beta test is over. so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic.
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non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jennifer love hewitt. chef georgia pellegrini. and music from jason mraz. with cleto and the cletones. and now, never's enough's enough. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" sngz ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. how are you? thank you. thank you. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks to you guys for coming to visit us here in hollywood. just so you know this is being taped for tv. we are on a television show right now. hey, i'd like to start tonight with legal news. one of the all time great lawsuits is under way. there is a legal battle between the singer trey songz and the
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guy from the reality show "storage wars" over who owns the world yup. apparently, you can fight over the word yup. trey songz said he started saying it like this -- >> yup. >> jimmy: and the "storage wars" guy says he started it. >> yup. >> jimmy: once again. trey songz. >>up. >> jimmy: and david hester. >> yup. >> jimmy: can you imagine being the judge that went to eight years of college and law school to decide on this? it's yup, by wait, with three us. and obviously this needs to be resolved. when i see someone with a yup shirt, i say, are you a trey songz fan of a "storage wars" fan? who is buying stuff with the word yup on it?
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this has to go down as the lamest rap feud in history. right? i mean, what happened to people shooting each other? i know the supreme court is deciding on the affordable care act. i think we should pull them off of that for this. i have to be a personally affected by it. because i used to say yup long before these guys did. i uncovered this old home video. this is me, as a kid, talking to my mom. >> jimmy, did you feed the dog again? >> yup. >> jimmy: see that? i also invented to word "poop." there's a horrible thing here in l.a. our sushi supply has been compromised. there's a problem here in l.a. the problem is, they are mislabeling fish. you think you are getting a piece of, like, halibut, but instead, you are getting carnival goldfish or something. and that is not good. "a," you are getting ripped off and "b," some fish can make you sick.
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our local fox news stopped by a sushi restaurant in west l.a. last night to get some reaction to this controversy and reporter susan almost got one. >> we talked to you briefly. do you ever think about the seafood that you buy,iter in a grocery store, that it might be mislabelled? >> ah -- everything is good. everything is good. >> everything is good here. do you think about it when you go to a grocery store and say, i want red snapper. i wonder if this is red snapper at the grocery store. >> yep. >> right, exactly. >> i'm sorry. i'm really drunk right now. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: he's -- he's drunk on schlits. mislabeled as heineken. our president launched a campaign called latinos for obama. the idea was to get latinos to rally around him. the obama campaign released four
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commercials today specifically aimed at americans who habla espanol. and in 2008, obama won two-thirds of the latino votes. and today, the romney campaign released their own ad aimed at that demographic. >> hola. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: good? what do you think? >> no. >> jimmy: no good? still has work to do, i guess. romney's been getting a lot of heat lately from animal lovers,
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because a long time ago, he put his dog in a pet carrier and strapped it to his roof for a 12-hour road trip. and now president obama in his memoir, called "dreams of my father," he talked about his child hood in indonesia, living with his step-father. he said when he was 8 years old, his step-father introduced him to a number of unusual meats, including dog. our president ate dog. [ laughter ] not only that, according to the book, he ate snake and grass hopper. and his step-father was looking for a tiger to feed him. he was basically eating his way through noah's ark. but the dog thing? i -- maybe that's where the big floppy ears come from, i don't know, but -- [ laughter ] what i find most amazing about this, this is not something someone dug up from a distant
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relative. this was a chapter in a book the president wrote about himself. how did we miss this? if ryan seacrest wrote a book and said he ate dog, we would go nuts, right? so, that's a new one. i guess now you are either on team strap your dog to the roof or team throw him in a hibachi. best time ever to be a cat in this country. this is good. this is from a nationals/reds baseball game in washington, d.c. john popper from the band blues traveler played "god bless america" on his harmonica. and it was great. but maybe even better, pay special attention to the guy with the eye drops here. ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's hard to get them -- you want to get the eye drops through the sunglasses. you have to squeeze really hard.
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the deadline to file your tax returns was last night at midnight. if you forgot, don't worry. the irs never checks. just because the deadline has passed, doesn't mean gary busey doesn't have advice to offer. we've been doing this all week. it's another of "gary busey's too late tax tips." >> when you live in texas, this is a good one. i'm from texas. you put the letter e between t and a. that will spell taxes in a fundamental way. when you go in the office, just show them your shirt, show them yourself and scream "remember the alamo!" [ applause ] >> jimmy: this guy -- i believe that is the reason why gary was not invited to participate in celebrity week on "wheel of fortune."
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[ laughter ] this is a crazy story. a woman in cincinnati hasn't been able to speak for the last 35 years. she was in a car accident. she lost her voice for good. and she was in a super market. and a woman handed her a card with a doctor's name and he specializes in a surgery that mimics the technology they use to make jet engines go and now, after three and a half decades, all of a sudden she has her voice back. jan christian lost her voice in a car accident, that was 35 years ago. now, after 33 years of marriage, she can finally talk to her husband and family. >> none of my family has ever really heard my original voice, except for my mother. >> that is amazing. >> jimmy: things just got a little weird in the bedroom. hey, here's a -- [ applause ] thank you. we worked for almost a minute on that. i saw this clip on youtube last night. this is a 3-year-old girl named
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kirsten. now, she didn't want to take her bowl to the sink when she was done eating so her father was smart enough to break out the video camera and kirsten will one day win an academy award. >> what's the problem? >> i can't do it. >> you can't lift that up? >> no! >> come back and try again. you are almost to the sink. >> i can't do it! i can't do it. >> that looks like it's very heavy. i think you can do it though, i think you can lift it up to the sink. and you can help clear the table. >> i'm not big enough. >> i think you can do it. you are big. you can do it. oh. you want to try again? maybe take your thumb out of
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your mouth and move your lovey and do it all -- okay, let's go. put it in the sink. >> i can't do it. >> oh. >> you did it! i can't do it, daddy. >> it was so heavy? >> jimmy: there you go. regular vin diesel. [ applause ] here's some potentially disturbing news for the people of glendale, california. anyone here from glendale? it's not far from us. kim kardashian has announced her intention to run for mayor of glendale. for real, like. here she is explaining the plan to her sister. >> i decided i'm going to run for the mayor of glendale. >> i'm going to be the mayor of dallas. >> you have to have full residency in glendale. so, i'm trying to --
12:17 am
>> this is the ross perot museum. >> for real. noel is going to head my campaign. it's going to be, in, like, five years. >> you are not letting me over! >> so i have to buy a house there. you have to have residency there. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, park right here. noel and i are going to look into the requirements and she is going to help me with the campaign. >> that is so cool. it's air mean yan town. skwk how is this a show, by the way? and how is she going to win an election? she came in 11th on "dancing with the stars." usually you run for office and then make a sex tape. she got that out of the way first. you know, i'd like to remind everyone here, we elected conan the barbarian as our governor. we have a history of bad decision-making. i don't really see kim kardashian as the mayoral type.
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this is the current mayor of glendale. you see frank is not a bad looking guy himself. while you might not think a kardashian would get a lot of support in a race for mayor, that is one man that is excited about it, that's jake byrd. he jake is very, very enthusiastic and today, he stationed himself outside the glendale galleria to get people fired up. >> are you registered voters? do you care about the future of glendale? i need to get everybody's signature to get kim on the ballot. where you from? >> philippines. >> philippines. it's not a real place. we need to gather the signatures
12:19 am
to get her on the ballot and kick out frank. have you seen him naked? he's not even trying. that's what he looks like. and we've seen kim in the buff when she made that movie kissing pee-pees. he's a miss. got his black bars over his junk. you want a mayor that looks like that? >> no. >> she's ready to fill this seat. and she can fill that seat. and she can gang a gavel. you know what i mean? these aren't jokes. if these were jokes, i would say, why -- how many kim kardashians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? none. there are no black lightbulbs. come on, guys. trying to raise signatures -- i'm sorry. you got dirt all over it. if you would like to donate to kim's super pac, you can just shove it in her mouth. put it in her mouth.
12:20 am
this is a completely grass roots organization. all those petitions are made out of recycled restaining orders. this is why we should vote for kim. really big eye, takes care of her teeth. enjoys making love. she is short, will live a long time. short people live longer. >> no. >> you know what kim is? she's a job creator. all kinds of jobs. you know what i mean? all kinds of jobs. >> really? >> won't turn into a big fatty. she is the daughter of robert kardashian, the guy that made o.j. not guilty. she is a very good role model. are you armenian? >> yes. >> she is, too. she has an angry sister that can beat up five guys. >> kim kardashian is an outstanding human being. she is a transgendered female. she's always rallied behind us -- >> another kim fan. once she is major, we're going to put a statue of kim right here. >> we will be here. >> this mall represents everything kim is about.
12:21 am
makeup stores and black dudes. >> that's right. >> see you later, abby. >> did you get a load of the johnson on that broad? >> she cease been with a lot of athletes. >> yeah. reggie bush, miles austin, kris humphries, shoeless joe jackson, secretariat. serena and venus williams, butterbean and rudy. she loves sports. say that with me. >> kim kardashian cares. kkk. >> remember, kkk, kim kardashian kares. >> kkk. kim kardashian kares. >> we all care. >> i don't think she can get off the ground. >> let me ask you a question, what is your favorite kim ca kardashian tweet? >> i don't have one. >> mine is "o-m-g, these mini
12:22 am
cupcakes are amaze-balls." can i tell you something? i love when you used this in "up." do you guys like candy? do you want candy? thank you. and kim is not be-holden to any party, because she is the party. yeah. get the hell out of here. [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. jake byrd, everybody. he brought his signs. thank you, jake. we have a great show tonight. music from jason mraz and chef georgia pellegrini. we'll be right back with jennifer love hewitt, so stick around. we're here at walmart with the byrd family, they love movies. now are you wondering why i asked you to bring your dvds to walmart? [ family ] yes, yea. let me show you something new. come on. walmart can now convert your dvds from disc to digital. so now you'll never break them, scratch them, or lose them.
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>> jimmy: well, hello there. tonight on the program, a very
12:27 am
interesting chef, she hunts the animals she cooks. this is her book. it's called "girl hunter: r revolutionizing the way we eat." georgia pellegrini is here. like a wolfgang puck and sarah palin had a baby together, this is the book they would write. we are going to make wild boar meatballs. guillermo, have you ever eaten wild boar? >> no. >> jimmy: do you know what wild boar is? >> no. >> jimmy: you are being one now. okay? >> oh, okay. >> jimmy: and then, with music from this album, it came out yesterday, it's called "love is a four-letter word," jason mraz from the bud light outdoor stage. we have a good show for you tomorrow night. gabourey sidibe, morgan spurlock and music from kasabian. our first guest has come a long way from the sweet girl she played on "party of five."
12:28 am
you can see her now on the new show "the client list." please say hello to jennifer love hewitt. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very good to have you here. were you massaging today? >> no, there were other scenes but no massaging. >> jimmy: okay, so -- >> no happy endings. >> jimmy: how sad for us. the last month or so, lifetime -- i don't know if it's the same in other cities around the country, but here in l.a., has been running maybe the greatest ad campaign i have ever seen for a television show. which is -- they have been doing it in magazines too. just this poster of you. in lingerie. [ applause ] and then i saw -- i was looking at the back of "entertainment weekly" and they had this
12:29 am
version of it. the taliban came and cleaned things up. >> i know. kind of wild, right? >> jimmy: that is a violation, right? >> most people want bigger boobs. i never heard of making them smaller. i don't know what happened. >> jimmy: it should be a felony. and right across the street on hollywood boulevard, this giant -- i don't know if -- i crashed my car four different times coming into work looking at this billboard. >> i got to tweet from a guy who was like, it looks like you're trying to breast feed me in traffic. i was like, thanks. and then he goes, hash tag, i'm thirsty. >> jimmy: that's evenn grosser when you do that. babies must get really hungry when they drive by this billboard, though. i mean, that's a very smooth pickup line, i'm thirsty. maybe the grossest one.
12:30 am
>> i know, guys come up to me and are like, can i be on your list? and i try to laugh it off, like, oh, that's funny. i get in my car and i'm like, do they realize what that means? they are asking for a -- a situation. >> jimmy: yeah. i think they do. >> that is not a classy move, dude. >> jimmy: no, it's not. >> kind of gross. >> jimmy: but the promotional campaign is clearly working. and the show is doing really well. >> it is. and we are really excited and i feel lucky to have an awesome, fun job. >> jimmy: have members of your family seen the advertisements? with you in that? >> i have heard from people i haven't heard from in years. who are oddly enough, hey, your boobs are right outside my window. thank you. we thank you. that's good. my family is pretty proud. thank god none of them have been put up in my grandmother's neighborhood yet. >> jimmy: she doesn't know about this? >> she doesn't think so. she's like, what are you wearing in the posters? i'm wearing a bathing suit. she's like, okay, that's great.
12:31 am
so, it is in spring? >> i'm like, yeah, coming out in spring. don't worry about it. she won't -- >> jimmy: what do you think? that has to be -- >> it's kind of weird. it's a little odd. but it's cool. i feel like i'm going to be a little sad when they take them down. >> jimmy: we are all sad about it. they took the big one down across the street from us. >> so soon. >> jimmy: we are considering filing suit. we have a surprise for you. >> what is? >> jimmy: we saw that they were taking it down -- >> okay. >> jimmy: guillermo, come on in here. we were able to actually take one part of the -- we were able to get one square, so -- [ cheers and applause ] there is -- i don't know if you want to -- >> no. >> jimmy: i don't know if you want this for your home. or -- >> that is scary. it looks like a horror movie blown up. >> jimmy: not to me, it doesn't.
12:32 am
>> my boobs. oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: i like to imagine people just tuning in right now. >> they are like, king kong's or something. that is not -- oh, my gosh, let's not -- >> jimmy: what do you want to do? should we send this to your grandma? we'll put this own her lawn. take this out to the car for you. guillermo, take this out to the car, will you? >> what a beautiful painting from some wonderful artist, yeah, it's -- >> jimmy: let's seriously send it to grandma and see if she can recognize. >> i'll send a video of you. >> jimmy: where is your grandmother from? >> in texas. >> jimmy: and your character is from texas. >> yeah, i get to use my real accent. >> jimmy: other than that, you don't have a lot in common with the character. >> not much. >> jimmy: when did you move out here? >> i was 10. it's been awhile. >> jimmy: you moved out here -- >> to be in show business.
12:33 am
>> jimmy: and where -- did you come here with a job or did you come here -- >> no, i came out to be a singer. i came here to get a record deal. i arrived on my 10th birthday, at the holiday inn. and had cheese cake. wit was great. >> jimmy: wow. you remember even what you ate that day? >> i got a boom box. it was my birthday. my first boom box. cheesecake is a big deal. >> jimmy: was it a giant boom box? >> yeah, yeah. l.a. is the place for me. >> jimmy: well, we are going to take a break. when we come back, we will see some of "the client list." jennifer love hewitt is here tonight. we'll be back.'re pressed for te re it is. i'm looking for the one. kids, house, the whole domestic thing, you know? then why does your relationship status say, "never getting married"? hmm... that was the old me. it says you updated it 15 minutes ago. yes...yup...
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the 2013 sl. we get their technology and they get our brand of wares. >> it's a win-win for everybody. >> especially for the guys that oversee everybody. co corner office, the senior vt title on the door. >> well, i know just the guy for the job. >> well that is taking initiative. >> all in a hard day's work, sir.
12:39 am
>> jimmy: that is the "client list." jennifer love hewitt. were you embarrassed by that? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: but not that over there. >> no, following that big boob picture. i'm classy. >> jimmy: how does this work? did you do a ride along with a masseuse? >> you know what is really funny, people are like, do you want to meet, women and men who do happy endings and i was like, well, no, i absolutely don't want to do that, ever, in my whole life, no. i was like, i can just fake it, like, i'll just -- i can, you know, do this and -- >> jimmy: you are not going to gather much information. >> not much to study. >> jimmy: do the writers of the show use it as an excuse to go to these places? >> i don't know. but so many people told me strange places where this happens. >> jimmy: really? >> in l.a. >> jimmy: can we map it out now? >> i know. well, no, i can't say. isn't that crazy? i didn't know how much of it
12:40 am
actually happens. >> jimmy: how much of it actually does happen? >> a lot of it happens. there's a lot of stuff going on, people. >> jimmy: really? >> it's not just on "the client list." >> jimmy: wow. you have to maybe foursquare some locations. >> i will tweet you. >> jimmy: do people expect you know how to do massages now? >> they do. all my friends. when i see them at the end of the day, they're like, so, hey, did you learn anything, because i'm feeling a little soar. i'm like, exhausted. all my girlfriends want the lingerie. do you think i can take that outfit because my husband or boyfriend really liked that. do you have that? i'm just like -- >> jimmy: you have creepy friends is what you have. >> pretty much. >> jimmy: you need a new set of friends. do you give them that stuff? >> i do, yeah. they can have it. why not? >> jimmy: i guess it's not like you are going to wear it again over and over and over again, which i'm guessing is what happens in those places, things start to fray? >> the oil starts to eat away. >> jimmy: the guys on the show
12:41 am
that come in, they're like a bunch of models, which i'm sure is exactly what it's like for real. >> it was in the contract. must be abercrombie & fitch. yeah, they are gorgeous. we wanted the ladies to have something. because the guys have -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> the ladies to have stuff. >> jimmy: it's a lifetime show, so -- >> it balances out. >> jimmy: so does a newt gingrich come in? rub all over this. >> that's gross. >> jimmy: there's a young lady coming out in a few moments who kills and then cooks her food. >> that's amazing. >> jimmy: she was cooking it first and then kill it but thought it was inhumane. >> i love to cook. >> jimmy: do you like to kill? >> no. no, i go to gillson's. a big cart, walk through. >> jimmy: you prefer the cart-type hunting.
12:42 am
what sort of stuff do you cook? >> i'm really good at risotto. >> jimmy: that is a hard thing to make. >> and baking. i'm really good at cupcakes. i just learned -- this is for the ladies. they did a survey, and they did 100 purr fumes that turn men and and the number one scent that was picked was the smell of cinnamon rolls. so, i was baking and i was like, hmm, i'm going to try it out. i went out for a day with vanilla on me. it was unbelievable how many dudes came up to me, were like, you smell amazing. and i'm thinking, i spend thousands of dollars on perfume and stuff like that, and all i had to do was open the pantry and -- >> jimmy: just what you need, more strange guys chasing after you. at the store. >> i know, it's a theme. >> jimmy: the billboard isn't enough. well, it's great to see you. congratulations on the success
12:43 am
of the show. called "the client list." see it sunday nights at 10:00 on lifetime. jennifer love hewitt, everyone. we will be right back with chef georgia pellegrini. is really my mother. they keep asking me if the dirty guy is really my son. huh -- what do you tell 'um? holy smokes, these viva towels really are tough, even when wet! [ mike ] for the record, that's my real father, cleaning up a real mess on a real grill. see? very impressive! you're a natural. oh that's much better... dad's got his tough mess, i've got mine. [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. i think you got it. ♪ [ ambient electronic ] [ female announcer ] grab a roll and try it on your toughest mess. hi, i'm nick, and i'm a photography student. ♪ [ continues ] i'm falling at 126 miles per hour. it's my first fashion shoot. i'm recording video... and trying to get the perfect photo at the same time. and i'm doing all this...
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>> jimmy: hello, we are back. jason mraz is on the way. up next, our next guest is a talented chef who packs a powerful again with her knives, and she talks all about it in her new book. please welcome georgia pellegrini. how are you? >> great. >> jimmy: did you grow up hunting? >> i grew up fishing but my dad is a vegan. >> jimmy: oh, he must be so disappointed in you. >> but he can salivate when i bring him in pheasant. >> jimmy: he will break it? >> i can convert him with a good pheasant. or bacon. >> jimmy: you shoot this stuff on your own? >> i do, yeah. i started when i was a chef. i didn't hunt growing up but i decided i wanted to really understand where my food comes from. i rolled up my sleeves and went
12:53 am
into the woods. >> jimmy: a lot of people and say, it's disgusting, vicious. but the fact of the matter is, somebody killed what you are eating if you are eating meat. >> totally. >> jimmy: so, you go out there and do it yourself. what was the first animal that you killed? >> turkey. >> jimmy: yeah. what are we going to make tonight? >> i figure, we are both italian, we will make meatballs in. it's wild boar. >> jimmy: did you shoot that yourself? >> that's actually found here in the streets of l.a. >> jimmy: you shot a boar in the streets? >> no. i've been known to put boar in my suitcase. but that came from texas. >> jimmy: have you really? >> yeah, froze it in my suitcase. and check in security. >> jimmy: they don't have a probe you going through with that? >> they just look at me funny. it's frozen. they walk the other way. >> jimmy: do you travel with boar. and this boar has been -- this is what it looks like to start. >> yeah. it's a lot leaner than regular pig would be.
12:54 am
from a farm, for example. we are going to add some fun, zesty ingredients. you are a good cook -- >> jimmy: it's embarrassing. i just throw things in a bowl. >> i want to you crack eggs. >> jimmy: that i can do. should we shoot these? >> toss them up and i'll shoot. >> jimmy: put those in there? >> go ahead. >> shells add flavor, anyway. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. >> do all kinds of herbs. >> jimmy: what if people don't have the wild boar. >> you can use hog from a farm, for sure. i'm actually adding ricotta and cream, that's going to add fat. >> jimmy: they are leaning because they are out running around, running from you. >> yeah, from me, running from each other. they are athletes, you know? they have lots of muscle. >> jimmy: the recipes in here,
12:55 am
ba balsalmic deer heart. squirrel dumplings. >> i will convert you. if i made squirrel for you, you would go bonkers. it's better than chicken. some of the best meat in theed woos. >> jimmy: really? what is the best you have ever consumed? >> i would say squirrel, yeah. it's nutty. you are what you eat, when you think about it. they eat nuts, acorns. they are fatty and sweet and buttery. >> jimmy: if you are eating squirrels, imagine how delicious you would be. what else do we have here? butter milk fried rabbit. >> that's a good one. love fried anything. >> jimmy: sauteed snuffleupagus. i made that one up. curried pigeon. you are talking about pigeon, can you go into central park and grab one and eat it? >> like i said, you are what you eat, right? you have to think about what it's been eating. >> jimmy: cigarettes?
12:56 am
>> it could be flavorable. smoky flavor. >> jimmy: i see. and one other one here legs and cherry. >> it looks like a duck. it runs across the water. it's kind of tough but a little fishy because it deep dives. you can make it taste good. >> jimmy: all right. you're mixing this up? >> mixing it up. we're going to form the meat balls together. dive in. we're going to start making little balls, just about two inches, just like that. >> jimmy: is there -- boar balls. guillermo? have you ever eaten boar balls? >> no. gare know is disturbed over there. >> he's not so sure about this. >> jimmy: he likes tongue, right guillermo? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right. >> make it compact. >> jimmy: here, taste one of those, why don't you?
12:57 am
>> good catch. >> jimmy: what do you think? >> it's okay. >> jimmy: you're supposed to cook them first. what kind of oil is this? >> this is grapeseed oil. it has a higher smoking point, so it doesn't turn bitter the way olive oil would. gets things nice and golden brown. >> jimmy: you can make it hotter. okay. they're in there. >> we're going to let them saute for three minutes on all sides and one way, a little trick to keep them round, rather than get them little hamburgers can to refrigerate them first and it makes them -- >> jimmy: they keep your shape. >> here you go. >> jimmy: thank you. >> so, then, we're going to toss them around and let them brown. >> jimmy: all right. >> and then, as they brown, we actually add a little sauce. >> jimmy: right into the pan? >> yeah. and you can do homemade sauce -- >> jimmy: i would hope so. if you are grounding up a boar, you should do your own sauce.
12:58 am
pour prego on that. >> jimmy: god forbid. okay. >> once you get them nice on all sides, just do this. cover them up. >> jimmy: and that's what they look like when they are done. and they do look good. you put them right on the spaghetti? >> pasta, your favorite. >> jimmy: any kind of thing. >> you can get bread or rice. >> jimmy: get a little taste. don't eat the raw ones. he doesn't like plates. >> you can just use your hands. >> jimmy: there you go. all right. let's try these off the plate and see how they taste. all right. now, you did not kill this boar so you cannot vouch for -- >> i didn't bring this one in my suitcase. >> jimmy: i'm going to taste it. >> wow. >> like it? >> jimmy: delicious, delicious. actually very good. is this better for you than a -- >> it is. it's leaner. and much more flavorful.
12:59 am
>> jimmy: it's burning me all the way down the inside of my body. i feel like the inside of a volcano right now. well, thank you very much, georgia. this is very interesting. great book. if you want to kill some stuff, this is the way to cook it. find the recipe on her book is called "girl hunter." it's available now. georgia pellegrini. we'll be right back with jason mraz.
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>> jimmy: this is his brand new album. it's called "love is a four-letter word." here with the song "i won't give up," jason mraz. ♪ ♪ when i look into your eyes it's like watching the night sky ♪ ♪ or a beautiful sunrise there's so much they hold ♪ ♪ and just like them old stars i see that you've come so far ♪
1:03 am
♪ to be right where you are how old is your soul ♪ ♪ well i won't give up on us even if this sky gives way ♪ ♪ i'm giving you all my love i'm still looking up ♪ ♪ and when you're needing your face can do some navigating ♪ ♪ i'll be here patiently waiting to see what you find ♪ ♪ see then the stars they burn
1:04 am
some even fall to the earth ♪ ♪ we got a lot to learn god knows we're worth it ♪ ♪ no i won't give up ♪ i don't want to be someone who walks away so easily and sees the difference that i can make ♪ ♪ i just assume they do a lot to teach us how to use the tools we get that god gave ♪ ♪ we got a lot at stake ♪ and in the end it's still my friend at least we don't break we didn't burn ♪ ♪ we have to learn how to bend ♪ without the world caving in ♪ i have t


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